Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun & Easy Snack

This week in "Mommy School" we are studying dinosaurs.  Somewhere in my quest to find activities for this week I came across a great snack idea that can be adapted for any theme.  Sorry there are no pics - I didn't even think of it until the kids were done eating them.

Take a piece of bread and toast it.  As soon as it comes out, top with one slice of cheese.  The warm bread will slightly melt the cheese, if you prefer it melted a bit more pop it in the microwave for a few seconds.  Use a cookie cutter to cut out the shape of your choice.

We cut out dinosaur shapes and my oldest loved it.  My youngest isn't a fan of cheese so he peeled the cheese off and just ate the toast.  I will probably do this again with different shapes and just use jelly for my youngest.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mommy School and a Dollar Store Find

As of today, my oldest is officially a preschool graduate.  He informed me a few weeks ago though that this summer we would be doing "Mommy School" every day.  This is something he started one day when he was sick and we needed something to fill the day as he was really missing his friends from school.  We've done it every day since that he is out of school.

Since I'm normally doing it only one day at a time, I usually just grab his Highlights High Five magazine and and pick a few activities out of it since he rarely looks at the magazine.  If we've used up the current issue I print something off the internet or pull out a school project he didn't have time to finish.

Seeing as this is a whole summer, my usual plan just won't work.  Mommy School is going to be based loosely off his school schedule he had this year since he loves that routine.  The only main difference is that we will have a "field trip" almost every day as mommy needs out of the house.

I've created a theme for each week and I'm doing my best to incorporate some educational items, therapy, and fun into each day.  I was searching the dollar store this week for some fun surprises and found out they have some homeschool type workbooks.  I was able to pick up a few to use in Mommy School and I even found one that will work for my almost two year old. 

They also had a ton of school related items such as charts, rewards, stickers, etc.  I'm able to supplement our school at a fraction of the cost of what I thought it would cost.

My other major resource for school is the library.  I've lined up books and movies based on our theme each week.

We will see how this goes.  I plan to update in a few weeks and let you know if we are still doing Mommy School.  I think he will benefit from the routine and I'm hoping it will keep us from going crazy each day.

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