Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Week of Thanks: Grandparents

Today I am thankful that we live near family so that our children can grow up around their grandparents.  Our kids love visiting both sides of the family and we love that we can occasionally get a break and free babysitting.

This summer, I was afforded the opportunity to go to Florida for the annual Tupperware convention.  If it had not been for grandparents, I would have never been able to go.  My husband was also able to come with me so we could have a mini vacation.  When we came home, the kids barely wanted to come home as they were having a blast with their grandparents.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Week of Thanks: Jobs

By now, you all have heard our story about going three years without full time income.  Today, I am very thankful my husband finally has a full time job.  Even better, it is one he really likes.

I'm also thankful for my job.  I never thought I would like direct sales but I truly love selling Tupperware.  I also like the fact that it is completely flexible so I can work more when I need to or I can take off at the drop of a hat as needed.  I've met some great friends through this business and I'm happy I decided to give it a try two years ago. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Week of Thanks: Insurance

Ok, this one probably should have gone with yesterday's post but I've literally spent my entire day solving insurance problems so this has been on my mind all day.  Although the issues I'm dealing with are frustrating, while logging in to check some information, I noticed part of the hospital bill has hit the processing department.  The hospital portion only, none of the doctors or tests, was $21,000!  Without insurance, this would have been overwhelming to pay.  

Today, I'm very thankful I have insurance and will only have to pay a small portion of the total bill.  I'm also thankful we still have money left in our emergency fund so that I can pay the portion I will owe.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Week of Thanks: Health

Every year I take the week of Thanksgiving to highlight a few things I'm thankful for.  This is in no way a complete list but a few things at the top of my radar right now.

Today I am thankful for our health.  After spending a week in the hospital with my one year old, I am thankful it was nothing worse and that we are all healthy again.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Save on Prescriptions at Dillons

Dillons currently has a fantastic promotion going on in their pharmacy.  When you fill a prescription between now and the end of the year, you will automatically be enrolled in their pharmacy rewards plan if you use your Dillons card.  With this initial prescription you will receive $50 on your Dillons card!

When our youngest got out of the hospital we had a prescription to fill and I happened to remember this program so I headed to Dillons.  I then bought a few groceries to get us through the next few days and by the time I went to pay, the money had already hit our card (they tell you it takes 24 hours).  I bought those groceries and some the next week for free!

The next reward comes when you have 4 more prescriptions filled.  Refills count towards this reward, not just new prescriptions.  I cannot seem to find details on this but my pharmacy said with 4 fills you receive $100 and with 4 more fills you receive another $100.

If you need any prescriptions filled between now and Dec. 31, head over to Dillons and remember to bring your rewards card.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer

This summer I reviewed a few products from Tommee Tippee so when I was recently offered a chance to review more I was pretty excited.

I was sent the Closer to Nature Travel Bottle Warmer.  We no longer use bottles around here and neither of my kids ever needed their bottles warm but I can see how this would be a great product for some people.  I've known a few babies that refused to drink a bottle unless it was warm so I know their parents would love this.

The bottom part is a thermos that keeps the water warm.  The cover can be used as a bottle warmer.  You have the option of using the warm water to make a bottle or filling the cover with water and putting the bottle in it to warm.

I have a friend who is in labor as I write this and I know she will be traveling a lot so I'm planning on giving this to her and I look forward to hearing her opinion.  So far I have not been disappointed by Tommee Tippee products and I have a feeling she is going to like this one too.

Disclaimer - Bottle warmer was provided to me by Tommee Tippee and Mom Bloggers Club.  I was not compensated in any other way for my review.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


We finally came home Saturday morning after spending a week in the hospital.  Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our little guy.  They grew cultures of the stuff they drained from his lymph node and it all came back as strep.  

The rapid strep test in the ER came back negative but the blood test came back positive, which is rare.  Since the antibiotics weren't cutting it they wondered if it was something more but it was just strep.  He never had it in his throat which is what threw us off.

We will be hanging out at home for the next week or so as the incision heals.  He pulled out his drain Friday night and they opted not to stitch it up but to leave it open to finish draining.  Until it closes, we don't feel safe getting him around too many people, especially curious kids who might pull the bandage off.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Update on the Little Guy

It has been a whirlwind 24 hours but we are on the mend now.  The swelling in Eli's neck was not going down and his fevers were still spiking every so often so we had a consult with an ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor Tues. afternoon.  We agreed to do a CT scan and go from there.  They did the scan that afternoon and as soon as the results were back he was scheduled for surgery.

Eli's lymph node had abscessed and was not draining.  They drained it and the drain will stay in for several more days.  He was miserable for awhile after the surgery but the Tylenol has kicked in and he resting well now.  We will be here several more days as they finish draining it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winner and Life Update

Sorry for the delay in announcing the Pillsbury winner.  It is Cori and she has 48 hours to claim the prize.  

Blogging will be even more sporadic the next few days as I'm at the hospital with my youngest.  He had a slight fever on Friday and Saturday but woke up Sunday with a very swollen face and neck.  After a trip to the ER we landed in the hospital with a severely infected lymph node.  The swelling is not reducing very quickly so we are now trying to figure out which direction to go.  It looks like we will be here several more days. 

I will keep everyone updated as I can.  Today has been the first day I could get Blogger (or anything Google related) to load.

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