Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Real Moms

My friend Jenn posted on Facebook last night that she would like to see the blog posts from moms who put their kids in front of the TV so the mom could make Hamburger Helper for dinner.  In other words, real stories from real moms, not just the perfect image many bloggers hide behind.

I laughed that I could resurrect this blog and share tons of stories since I have two non typical kids and another child on the way. I'm told all the time I'm super mom for keeping up with those kids but in reality, I'm barely making it.  The thought of sharing some of those honest stories hasn't left my mind so I'm going to be open and share a few stories over the next few days.  Not sure if this will become a long term thing or not but I'm willing to be open and share what it is really like to be a mom.

I will start with my mom moment from this morning.  E, my three year old, is in preschool.  Today was picture day.  I completely forgot this when I picked out his clothes.  Just as I was about to put his old, worn out shirt on I remembered.  I quickly ran to the closet and picked out another outfit.

Then, we are in car line and I realized I never combed his hair.  My boys like to keep their hair short so 95% of the time there is no need to comb it but today he woke up with a few random spikes in his hair. I looked down and saw that I had my cup of water with me in the car (I almost always have a drink with me when running errands).  I opened it up, dipped my fingers in and fixed my child's hair in car line. Just keeping it real folks, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Feel free to submit your "mom moment" and I will post some of them as guest posts to this blog. 


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