Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Organizational Help Is Just A Phone Call Away

A month or so ago I was hanging out on Facebook and noticed that several of my friends had become fans of Simple Organized Sanity (SOS). Knowing I have organizing issues and want to reach my goal of a better organized house, I decided to become a fan too.  There was a mom survey on the site so I filled it out.  Lo and behold my name was drawn from the survey and I won a half hour conference call with Christie from SOS. As the date of this call came closer, I realized she was in my hometown.  Then, the day before our call, she came to talk to our MOPS group.  I'm on steering team and knew what we were discussing that day but had somehow missed who our speaker was.  In other words, I received a double dose of organizing help.

I made sure my husband was on the call as I wanted us to work together on getting our house in shape.  He is much more of an organizer than I am so I needed someone to help push me.

Christie emailed me a few questions ahead of time so that she would be ready with help for my biggest needs.  After our call, she sent me a synopsis of our call so that I would have a plan of attack.  A week later, she even followed up.  

SOS has many great services and I highly recommend you check them out.  For those out of town, phone coaching is a great option to get help with all of your needs. For those in town, she offers coffee clinics where you can meet her at a coffee shop and have a one on one conversation. 

I recommend you subscribe to her blog, SOS Organize, as she posts some great tips each day. Also, check out her website for a complete list of services she offers. On her site are some great products too for items such as menu planning, everyday checklists, babysitter trackers, and much more.

Stay tuned as I plan to post a few of the tips she gave me and then let you know how I'm doing.  We are about to enter the worst part of my husband's school semester so it won't be easy, but we are both working hard on getting our house in order.


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