Monday, August 30, 2010

Changing It Up

Did you think I disappeared?  Sorry for the long delay.  When I was on vacation I realized how much I enjoyed not being chained to the computer all day.  I realize I don't blog often but between this blog and my Tupperware business, I felt like I was marketing or answering emails all day long.  I had a super busy week this past week and I decided to put all the computer work on the back burner for awhile.

I love this blog and I really enjoy teaching others how to save money and still enjoy life.  The only problem is that I would really like to keep this as a hobby and not a job.  Yes, some bloggers are out to make oodles of money but my real reason for starting this blog two years ago was to teach others to save money.  Somewhere along the line I've forgotten my reason for starting and I've wound up spending way more hours on it than I want to.  

So, I'm here to say I'm going to be bringing you great recipes and tips each and every week but I'm most likely not going to be doing it on a schedule as I have in the past.  Check back a few times a week or add me to your reader to see all the new content.  I want to enjoy time with my family and not be chained to my computer so this is my public way of saying I'm taking the pressure off me to blog and keeping it as a fun hobby instead.


Chris said...

good for you!! I love the info you post, but I love the fact that your priorities are in the right order even more. :) Love you girl!!

Julie said...

Thanks Chris!

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