Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to Save on Paper Products

I've heard for years about people not using napkins or paper towels at their house.  It saves money and is environmentally friendly.  I've wanted to do it at my house but figured I could never get away with it. I figured I could limit my paper use though and that would help a little bit.

I started by using kitchen towels instead of paper products.  Then, I started "forgetting" to set out napkins with dinner.  I always had a kitchen towel on the table so my oldest and my husband started reaching for it or getting another one without even thinking about it.  Finally, after not replacing the napkins for close to 2 months, I mentioned it to my husband.  He said he had noticed there were no napkins around but he didn't really think twice about it.

I didn't really realize we had officially made the switch until recent weeks when two incidences happened.  First, I was sent a package of napkins to try out and then fill out a survey.  They estimated it was 2 weeks worth of napkins.  Although I really liked them, I still have half the package and I've had them a month.  

Next, my inlaws came to visit this weekend.  We've been going through a roll of paper towels about once every 6-8 weeks.  The one day they were here, they used an entire roll. 

I'm starting to realize that some frugal and eco-friendly changes really are easier than I first thought. What changes have you made recently that you thought your family might be against?


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