Monday, February 21, 2011

Try Something New

I find it very easy to get stuck in my routine and never branch out to try new things.  Don't get me wrong - I love to try new things - it is just that sometimes it is easier to not put the effort into something new.  I'm working this year to get a little bit out of my rut though.  Remember when I mentioned I joined a gym. Yep, that was a huge step towards trying something new.

Today I tried something new on a smaller scale - I cut up my first pineapple.  It was bit messy but not near as hard as I had pictured it in my head.  The results are delicious too!  My youngest loves fruit and veggies and that has challenged me to try many new fruits and vegetables that I either had not tried before or had not attempted in my own home.  It has been great to get me out of my cooking rut and introduce new flavors to my family.

What are you doing to try something new and get out of your rut? 


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