Sunday, August 10, 2008

Giving Back: School Supplies

Just because you are living on less does not mean you cannot give back to others. This week there are some great deals on school supplies so please pick up a few and pass on to those who really need them. In the past few weeks I've been picking up things as I'm shopping and this morning I took a very full bag to church. The entire bag cost me less than $5. Here are just a few of the deals this week:

Office Depot:
Eraser caps - $.05 for 12 pack
Protractor - $.05
Glue Sticks - $.50 for 4
Crayola Markers - $.50 for 10

Elmer's Glue - FREE!!!
Paper Mate pencils - $.25 for 5
Filler paper - $.09

2 pocket folder - 8/$1
Memo books - 8/$1
Crayola crayons - $.99 for 24

Teachers appreciate school supplies too as many have to purchase all of the supplies for their class. If you know a teacher, drop by some supplies to help them out too. If anyone sees any great sales out there, feel free to comment and let others know about it.


Anonymous said...

Great tip! As a teacher (well ex teacher) it does make a huge difference when these supplies are donated. If you don't know a teacher, you could take the supplies to the office or school counselor at you local school. I can promise, even in the "richer" schools, the supplies won't go to waste!

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