Monday, August 25, 2008


How many times have you dumped the house looking for a certain item? I'm horrible about knowing I have something but can't quite place it. Because of this, I'm working on organizing our house and keeping it that way. With a toddler, it is a constant battle, but I will never win the battle if I don't start.

I find I also save a lot of money by being organized because I know what I have. For instance, last time I cleaned out my pantry, I found duplicates of several spices. I'm sure I bought them for a certain recipe thinking I was out of that spice. If only I had dug awhile, I would have saved a little money. I make it a goal to clean out my pantry once a quarter. It is on my to do list this week. When I do it often, it doesn't take as long but when I wait, the task seems overwhelming. I challenge you to pick one area of your house that needs to be organized this week and start there. If the task is too large, break it down. Some weeks, I'm doing good to get one drawer cleaned out. If you work on one or two things a week, your house will never get too out of control.

Feel free to share your organizing tips or what you organized this week.


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