Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Minute Gift: White Chocolate Popcorn

If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift, white chocolate popcorn is about as easy as they come. I made packages of these for my son's Sunday School teachers and his babysitter. I put them in cellophane bags that can be bought at craft stores for about $1 for 50. Christmas tins work great too. To make them even more festive, feel free to add M&M's, red hots, or other colorful candies.

White Chocolate Popcorn

1 bag microwave popcorn, popped
1/2 lb white chocolate melting wafers (found at most craft stores)

Once popcorn has cooled, remove any unpopped kernels. Place in a large bowl. Melt chocolate in microwave, 10 seconds at a time. Be careful not to burn chocolate. Pour chocolate over popcorn, seal bowl, and shake until popcorn is cooled. Pour out onto waxed paper and let cool for about 30 minutes. Once cooled, break up large pieces and package.

* This works with almond bark too but the wafers melt better and have a stronger chocolate flavor.


Mom's Cafe Home Cooki said...

Hi :) Thanks for a great idea. I'll try it tonight. I will use regular popcorn instead of microwave popcorn though.

Carolyn said...

What flavor microwave popcorn do you use? Or better yet, how many cups of popped corn will it be?
I'd love to try this.

Julie said...

I use butter or plain popcorn and they both taste great. I'm not sure how many cups it is as I've never measured it. Next time I make some, I will measure it because now you have my curiosity up.

Tracy said...

My mom recently gave me some popcorn with chocolate drizzles and it was SOOO good. I'm sure she paid a fortune for it also. I am so going to make this! And then I'm gonna eat it:))

Markus3 said...

I think this is a great gift idea for xmas/new years, especially for my kid's teachers, drs, etc.

Did anyone attach a cute note or poem that you will be willing to pass along? Thanks!

Julie said...

I haven't seen a cute note or poem but I usually make a cute tag and write or stamp something related to the occasion - ex. Thank You, Merry Christmas, etc.

Markus3 said...

Great idea Julie, thanks!

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