Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Skip a Week of Groceries

I'm going to begin participating in Tightwad Tuesdays, brought you by beingfrugal.net. This week my topic is eating from your pantry. To read other great frugal tips, check out beingfrugal.net.

I try to skip grocery shopping once a month and eat from my pantry. If I do go to the store, it is usually for milk, juice, fruit, or items on a super sale (think free or close to it). I've found some great meals using ingredients I forgot I had in my pantry thanks to this habit. It forces us to eat up our random items and it really cuts down on the grocery budget for the week.


momstheword said...

Eating out of your pantry is a great idea! There are also some great recipe sites that will help you with a recipe, all you need to do is put in the ingredients you have available.

momstheword said...

Thank you for your wise comments. It is good to know how other people are doing it.

Mom2fur said...

Did you ever try Supercook.com? It's one of those sites where you 'plug in' your on-hand ingredients and it gives you a list of everything you can make. The more you put in, the more recipes come back. As you go down the list, it tells you ingredients you will need to get--but half the time I find I already have them! (Or I have something I can substitute.)
Allrecipes.com has an ingredient search, too.

Julie said...

Thank you for the reminder on Supercook.com. I've used it in the past but totally forgot about it. I will be using it the next time we have an eat out of our pantry week.

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