Monday, March 8, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine Cake

I posted a little over a week ago that I was attempting a Thomas the Tank Engine cake for my son's fourth birthday.  Well, it turned out pretty good so I thought I would share it with you.  First, check out this great Thomas cake tutorial to see how I did it. I will admit mine isn't nearly as great as hers but seeing as I have no training in cake decorating and this is my first ever shaped cake, I'm pretty darn proud of how it turned out.


You will notice that the cake is leaning pretty bad to one side.  Luckily, it held up just fine and survived until the party.

For years I've wanted to learn cake decorating but have never really had the chance to.  About a month before I decide to tackle this, I told my husband that my goal is to take the Wilton classes once he graduates from college in May.  It just so happens this is near my birthday so I might ask for the classes and supplies as my gift.


Dawn said...

This cake is absolutely adorable- leaning or not.

The Saved Quarter said...

My little boy says it's great, and he wants one. :)

Julie said...

Glad he liked but sorry to put that pressure on you!

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