Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day & My Random Garden

Today is Earth Day and I would love to be outside playing in the earth (planting my flower garden) but it is rainy and icky here today.  Since I can't be outside, I thought I would share about my very random garden this year.

I started tomato and pepper seeds indoors this year.  The peppers never sprouted and the tomatoes were doing great until I hit a few busy days and totally forgot about them.  By the time I was able to check on them, they were dead.  Being that it is planting time right now I decided to simply restart everything in the ground.  I have several other seeds that needed to be started in the garden too so my oldest and I went to work outside last week.  He picked out carrots to grow this year so this is where we started.

I keep all of my seeds clipped together so I can find what I need easily.  I was digging up a rock (we live in a very rocky area) when my son decided to help himself to the seeds.  He wound up dumping half a package of tomato seeds in random places in my garden before I had a chance to realize what he had done.  At that point, we quickly finished his carrot planting and decided to call it a day.

The next day, he was at preschool so I figured that was a good time to finish the garden alone.  I was doing good until I decided it was time to plant the lettuce seeds.  After opening the package, I accidentally dropped it and lettuce seeds went everywhere.  I picked up what I could but I know there are plenty still out there.  

Now, I am anxiously awaiting this years garden to see where all of the random tomatoes and lettuce are going to pop up.  I joked on Facebook that next year I should just mix up all of my seeds, sprinkle them around the garden, add a layer of soil and see what happens.  It sure would be easier and make for some great stories!

How is your garden going this year?


Rebekah Williams said...

Ha! Look forward to hearing how your garden experiment turns out! I got lazy with my spinach seeds and threw them about, too. Let's hope for the best. :)

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