Thursday, September 23, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation: Part 1

Remember back in your school days when the teacher always asked you to write or talk about what you did on summer vacation?  This post is all about what I did this summer - cake decorating!  I've always wanted to know the proper way to decorate a cake and it has been on my list of "things I'd like to do someday" list for ages.  You know, that list that you know will probably never happen but a girl's got to dream, right?

I never know what to ask for when it comes birthday and Christmas time.  I decided for my birthday in early June to ask for Wilton cake decorating classes.  My parents bought me the first set of classes and the kit and arranged to be back up babysitting on the nights my husband was on call.  I posted on Facebook about it and three other friends joined me.  I enjoyed that class so much that I wound up taking the other two classes too.

Warning, the classes are not frugal in the least bit but you can save money by watching for when they are on sale, sharing supplies with a friend, and using your 40% off coupons at all the major craft stores.

Wilton changed all of their classes and June was the first month for the new classes.  This first cake was the first cake we learned how to decorate.  We had a choice of 3 cakes to make and my son picked out the fish.

Next, we learned how to decorate cupcakes and make a few flowers.  Sorry for the poor image quality on this one, it was late at night and my photos didn't turn out great.


This is the final cake for the first set of classes.  My husband picked out the colors.  My friends taking the class with me were all in my Sunday School class and we had a 4th of July party the next day so we decided to take our cakes to the party - that is the reason for the 4th but strange colors.

Next week I will show you my creations from the other two classes.


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