Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Week of Thanks: Grandparents

Today I am thankful that we live near family so that our children can grow up around their grandparents.  Our kids love visiting both sides of the family and we love that we can occasionally get a break and free babysitting.

This summer, I was afforded the opportunity to go to Florida for the annual Tupperware convention.  If it had not been for grandparents, I would have never been able to go.  My husband was also able to come with me so we could have a mini vacation.  When we came home, the kids barely wanted to come home as they were having a blast with their grandparents.


Lisa said...

I am so jealous and happy for you. Both sets of grandparents live quite a distance from our child. I was thankful that they came to visit for the holiday. I sure to appreciate them, but would love to have them closer.

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