Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winner and Life Update

Sorry for the delay in announcing the Pillsbury winner.  It is Cori and she has 48 hours to claim the prize.  

Blogging will be even more sporadic the next few days as I'm at the hospital with my youngest.  He had a slight fever on Friday and Saturday but woke up Sunday with a very swollen face and neck.  After a trip to the ER we landed in the hospital with a severely infected lymph node.  The swelling is not reducing very quickly so we are now trying to figure out which direction to go.  It looks like we will be here several more days. 

I will keep everyone updated as I can.  Today has been the first day I could get Blogger (or anything Google related) to load.


Charlene Canfield said...

Wow, I hope he gets better soon! You don't worry about your blog we will be here when things settle! Take care and keep us posted.

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