Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ask the Readers: Bedding & Decor help for a Toddler

You guys are great with helping me out so I thought I would throw this one out and see what you can come up with. We promised our son we would decorate his new room (he is moving down the hall so the baby can have the nursery) for his 3rd birthday. His birthday is at the end of the month and I still haven't found anything that will work. We are going with a farm theme. He loves visiting my in laws farm and his favorite part is the cows. I would like either farm related bedding (please, no John Deere) or a quilt in farmish colors (I'm thinking reds, blues, etc). Either needs to be in a twin size. If I can't find farm bedding, I would like to find some fun farm artwork for the walls. I love the thought of a vintage looking quilt and animals pictures on the wall. The problem I'm running in to is all bedding is super expensive or doesn't come in a twin size.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for a reasonable price? Please leave a comment or email me with any ideas or links you have. I appreciate your help!


Anonymous said...

Have you checked out

DiamondDaisy said...

Hey! The main "tip" I have is to paint, don't wallpaper.. I don't know if Samuel is anything like my nephews, but if so, he will be pulling it off no time! Oh, and how about a homemade quit. I have a wonderful pattern and I can sew it if you want to get the fabric!

missallizoom said...

Have you thought about making a rag quilt? They are super easy, look fantastic, they are rustic and are pretty cheap to make. I made my first one last summer and am planning on making more for all of my expecting friends. I am not much of a seamstress, i.e. I can barely sew a straight line and I can make these! Here is a link for an example. BTW, love your blog, longtime lurker.

Julie said...

Jenn - thanks for the offer - I may have to take you up on that. We are planning on painting but wanted to find the bedding first so we knew what color to pain.

Missallizoon - I've thought of making my own but I'm not gifted in the sewing department. I love the link you sent though. I tried making a quilt last year when a girl in my Sunday School class taught a class on basic quilting. After three lessons I realized this isn't where my gift is.

DiamondDaisy said...

Too Funny! That is almost exactly like the quilt I was talking about.. I have two of them. One is made out of flannel, our favorite, and one I made out of those T-Shirts you want to keep but you never wear! It cleaned out my closet and I still have my keepsakes! They are super easy and I would LOVE to make one for Sammuel. we could easily have it done in a week or so after we found the material you want!! Call me!

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