Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick Baby Update

I've tried not to turn this blog into a baby blog but I thought I would give you all a quick update on my pregnancy. We found out Friday afternoon that we are having another boy. This will help us with Living on Less as we can reuse a lot of stuff. I'm not sure how the clothing willl work out though since our son was born in Feb. and the next one is due in July. The oldest was very slow to grow though and sometimes I could make it through several seasons in the same size. I'm looking forward to going through the tubs of things I've saved and reminiscing about when our son was just a baby.

I also bought my first stock up item today - diapers. Dillons had a decent sale on Pampers and we loved Pampers Swaddlers when our son was a baby. I'm planning on stocking up on a few items and having a well stocked kitchen and freezer so that when the baby comes, I don't have to worry about those details for at least a few weeks. It sure helps the budget to buy a few things now instead of waiting until I have to have them.


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