Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Easy Toddler Game

Our Parents as Teachers person came by last week and one of the activities she did has quickly become one of my son's favorite. She gave him tongs, cotton balls, and a muffin tin and had him put the cotton balls in the tin using the tongs. I figured it would be hard for him but he mastered it in minutes. He then took all of the cotton balls out using the tongs. After that, they stacked blocks using the tongs. When she left, I gave my son a pair of tongs to play with and he has been fascinated. He loves seeing what he can pick up with them and his coordination is amazing me. Who needs expensive toys when you can entertain a child with simple items from around the house?!


Organizing Mommy said...

This idea is the best!! Thanks for coming to my blog also! What neat frugal ideas. I think I'll fill it with teddy grahams and let her eat the ones she successfully transports!

Julie said...

Great idea on putting food in it - my toddler would love that!

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