Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Giving Back Through Stockpiling

Since money has been tight around here, I've been frustrated that I can't give as much as I would like to some of my favorite charities or causes. I've learned many other ways I can give though besides just writing a check. One of my favorite ways is pick up items when they are free or next to nothing and pass them on to the appropriate place or person.

* Right now, back to school supplies are cheap and sometimes even free. I pick up what I can and give some to a few teachers I know. We also collect supplies at church to give to needy children and I take some of my deals there.

* Multiple times a year there are pleas for food drives. Instead of running out and buying canned goods, I simply go to my pantry and give from my stockpile. Many times I pick up items at the store that I know I will never use but they were free and I know one of the local food pantry's would love to have them. I keep items like this in a certain area of my pantry so I can quickly grab the items as needed.

* Stockpiles can make great just because gifts too. For instance, take band aids, Tylenol, etc and make a very inexpensive first aid kit for someone. Put together tea bags, soup, and crackers for a friend who is sick. Look at what you have and get creative. Just because gifts can really brighten the day of your friends and family and they do not have to cost you much.

I challenge you this week to go through your stockpile and see how you can bless others through it.


Annie Kate said...

That's a great idea! You benefit others in a way you can afford.

Good for you.

Annie Kate

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