Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Body After Baby Challenge


The baby weight is not falling off like it did with my first child so when I saw this challenge, I knew I needed to jump on it. For the next 8 weeks, Mama Notes is having a Body After Baby Challenge. I've been working on changing bad habits that have crept in but I think this challenge will help keep me more accountable. For the record, it took me 9 months to lose the weight with my first, but I barely exercised . I know it will take at least 9 months to lose it again since I'm nursing, but I'm actually trying this time and it is still taking its precious time.

This week's challenge is to drink more water. I'm a huge water drinker but since having the second child, my Diet Coke habit has crept back in. I've been trying to curb it but it is a wonderful treat mid-afternoon when I'm physically and mentally exhausted. I'm going to work on limiting the soda to just a few times a week and focusing more on water. I will check back in next week and let you know how it goes, plus give details on the next challenge.

If anyone would like to join the challenge, head on over to Mama Notes for all the details.


Unknown said...

Nursing helped me to lose 20 lbs after my 4th baby!! So I consider that a plus!! Good luck with the Diet Coke addiction!! I have one of those too!

The Black Sheep said...

Best of luck! I saw your post on Mellisa's blog (Getting All My Ducks in a Row) and wanted to let you know that I, too, am hosting "Weight In Wednesday" where we'll check in with one another on Wed's to share what's working and what's not for our weight loss efforts. CHeck it out! Good Luck, you can do it!

Julie said...

Thanks girls for the encouragement.

Mellisa - I wish nursing helped me but it actually made it harder for me with my first - with every pound lost, my supply went down. Glad to know I'm not the only one with a Diet Coke addiction!

Knittin 'n Stitchin said...

Instead of diet Coke (and so there's more variety in what you drink), what about hot or ice tea? That's what I drink, hot tea-with milk, no sugar- and I think it's helped me keep my weight down after 40. I just drink water or hot tea...I decided that I would try to eat as much unprocessed food/drink as possible and I think it's helped! Oh! and Trader Joe's has a great Peppermint tea (no caffeine if you're sensitive)...I like the caffeine, myself, so I drink a lot of black tea.

Julie said...

I actually drink about a pitcher of decaf iced tea every few days. I love tea but try to cut down on the caffine by using decaf. I wish I had a Trader Joes around here - I here they have great products.

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