Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Pay at the Pump

I have a slight addiction to trying new snack foods. I learned many years ago that gas stations tend to have all the new snack foods and drinks available and they are usually by the door or the cash register. Once I caught on to this, I began always paying at the pump. It saves me a lot of money and calories by not having that temptation staring me down every time I go in to pay. This past weekend I stepped foot into a gas station for the first time in ages and a wave of excitement came over me. I quickly grabbed the Diet Coke I came in for, paid, and got out of there before I bought more than I came in for.


Together We Save said...

Convenience stores are a huge temptation. Way to easy to not only waste money, but to buy some really unhealthy junk.

Anonymous said...

Hey I saw this tonight as I was surfing around. I'm not sure if you'd be interested....but here is the link:

It's a coupon database that you can put on your blog!!

Hope that helps and keep up the great work!!


Knittin 'n Stitchin said...

OMG Julie. I have absolutely no temptation at the gas station. Ick. Their food is ick.
But my daughter, for whatever reason, is just like you. Like a kid in the candy store. Her favorite are the meat sticks (she gets mad when I call them that..."it's meat jerky MOM!"...But I still call them meat sticks). ick.

Julie said...

I call them meat sticks too but I don't like them either. My husband, on the other hand, thinks they are great.

Anonymous - thanks for the link. I will definitely check in to it.

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