Thursday, January 7, 2010

Weightloss with Wii

For Christmas, my husband saved his money up and blew the budget by buying me a Wii,Wii Fit Plus, and My Fitness Coach. He found a fabulous deal on Amazon which helped a little. I've been asking for months for his encouragement with weight loss and have received very little encouragement but he thought the Wii might be just the thing that would help me. I've wanted a Wii and Wii Fit for awhile now but did not think I had time to add one more thing to my already busy day. It turns out it was a great investment.

My oldest loves to "exercise" with me. He usually stands next to me and mimics what I am doing. When he is full of energy and driving me crazy, we turn on the running game, put the remote in his pocket, and tell him to run around the couch. The first time, he ran 2 miles! Keep in mind he is just under 4 years old - now you know why I'm exhausted keeping up with him. At his preschool, they have Jazzercise once a month. He always dreads this day and usually spends part of the time in trouble. Jazzercise was this week and he came home all excited because he liked it now. When I asked what changed he said it was because he likes exercising with mommy. I thought that was precious and then realized what an influence I have on his level of activity throughout life.

I've even caught my husband trying out the Wii Fit games and he always jokes that he doesn't believe in exercise. We are both very competitive so we work towards beating each others score on all of the games. I'm praying the excitement continues once the newness wears off because I am enjoying seeing my whole family get into exercising and seeing them realize that exercise can be fun.

I also enjoy My Fitness Coach because it tells me which days to exercise and I can set up workouts according to the time I have available - as little as 15 minutes. When kids are underfoot and time is of the essence, it is great to know I can get a quick workout in.

Stay tuned as I continue through this journey of losing the baby weight. I feel I'm making a turn in this journey as I've been exercising 5 days a week now for two weeks and I'm actually starting to look forward to it each day. Next up, food challenges.


SLColman said...

I have had my Wii Fit for over a year now but hadn't been utilizing it. I pulled it back out the last week and am enjoying it again :)

snowybrook said...

I have had my Wii/Wii fit since Oct and use it, doing the body test and the games. I should do it more. I dont have the coach, but have done some of the cycling, hula hops and yoga. I like, especially in winter when its too hard to get out as much.

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