Friday, January 29, 2010

OAMC On The Fly

This weekend, Money Saving Mom and Life as Mom are hosting freezer cooking days. I've watched the past few months as these moms have learned how to do this within their schedule and I always sit there with a bit of envy at what they can accomplish. I find cooking relaxing and would love to spend an entire day or two in my kitchen but it isn't really possible at this time in my life. However, I do stock my freezer by making double batches of items when I cook dinner.

My husband wound up not working today (more on that next week) and we are in the middle of a snow "storm" (predicted 6-12"but so far just a few have fallen) so I've decided to cook a few things. I've used all of my grocery budget for this week though and did not plan on participating so I'm not going to do a ton but every little bit helps.

This morning I threw some banana bread in the oven while my oldest was at preschool. The first batch I made as actual bread. I decided I wanted some as muffins though so I decided to make another batch. I should have double checked my recipe though as I forgot to add the sugar to the second batch. Luckily, I was using some extremely ripe bananas from my freezer so they helped sweeten the muffins. They aren't as good as usual but definitely still edible.

Later this afternoon I'm hoping to make a few more batches of pancake mix and possibly some muffin mixes.

Tomorrow for dinner I'm going to make a double recipe of something using ground beef. Not sure yet what I'm making but I hope to check out several of the other bloggers who are participating and using one of their yummy recipes.

If I find time or inspiration to make anything else I will let you know. Good luck to everyone participating!


Anonymous said...

Oooh. I hadn't thought about just putting some mixes together. I may try to do that towards the end of next week. Thanks!

Julie said...

Quick update - I had a meeting cancel this morning so I made waffles for the family and extra for the freezer. I've also made rice so we can have chicken fried rice sometime this month. When the oldest wakes up I promised him cookies.

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