Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ask the Local Readers: Price Cutter

I keep seeing requests for coupon match ups for Price Cutter but I have yet to find a consistent blog that offers them.  Although I'm not really a deal blogger, I've been thinking of offering a top 5 or the best deals matchup for Price Cutter.  While I would love to create an entire list of deals, I know my current time limits would not allow that.  Would anyone be interested in this?  Please leave a comment or email me to let me know your thoughts.


Chris said...

I would be interested!! I use Hot Coupon World to find matchups for Walgreens & Dillons, but have never found matchups for Price Cutter - Dillons has some good deals, but is such a long drive from Nixa!

rachael pate said... does a match up of Price Cutter deals. I have found her site very helpful. Her Dillons match ups are great too and I think she's out of St. Louis or somewhere relatively close b/c the sale prices she has listed are what are in the stores (as opposed to a lot of the national blogs that list the price of their local store).

Mandie said...

I would also be interested in match ups. I do the Dillons match ups and have considered doing PC, but it just takes so long. Everytime I go to Price Cutter and can't believe how high their prices are. I have pretty much moved to just shopping at Dillons, Walmart, Aldi, and Sams. I would totally be interested in any hot loss leader deals though! I totally stopped by last week for the $1.99 cases of water!

Julie said...

Mandie - Thanks for your Dillons match ups. I actually quit using the Grocery Game once I found your website as you are much more accurate.

Rachael - thanks for the link - I haven't seen her site before but will be checking her out.

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