Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Garden Update

I mentioned a few weeks back that we have a very random garden this year.  The seeds have started sprouting and so far it looks like we are going to have an abundance of lettuce.  I think I see some tomato sprouts too but I'm not positive that is what is growing.  They need to come up a bit more before I can tell.  I'm dreaming of fresh veggies this summer and can't wait for things to start growing. 

It has been fun having my oldest child involved too this year.  He has been asking every day to look at his carrot seeds and see if they are growing.  I'm hoping he will eat them too when they are ready.  Having children involved in the garden is a great way to get them to try new foods.

Speaking of gardening, if you have not signed up for the Home Depot Gardening Club, I highly recommend it.  They send a newsletter by email that is filled with great articles.  Also, a few times a year I receive coupons by mail.  Seeing as gardening can be a bit expensive coupons are a great way to help out.  Click on the box below to sign up.


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