Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to the Basics: Stockpiling

The way to save money with groceries is to buy ahead when items are on sale instead of waiting until you actually need them and paying full price.  Sales tend to cycle every 12 weeks so the rule of thumb is to buy enough to last you 12 weeks.  It takes trial and error over time to know how much to buy but do not let that stress you out.

When creating your stockpile, do not go overboard.  Simply buy what you need each week and then as your budget allows, pick up a few of the items that are at rock bottom prices.  Over time, you will be buying less and less needed items and more and more for your stockpile as your stockpile will be full of items you use often.

Stay tuned next week for when I discuss where to store your stockpile. 


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