Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to the Basics: Storing Your Stockpile

By now you are probably wondering where you are going to store all of these groceries you are buying for your stockpile.  Some of you have huge pantries and can store items there but not everyone has that luxury.  If you get creative, you can easily find places to store your items though.

Garage.  We do not have a pantry in our house and use just a few cabinets to store our items in, therefore my stockpile is stored in the garage.  I happen to have a pantry cabinet in the garage as I already owned it from my days of apartment life.  We recently added a set of storage shelves too where a few shelves are for stockpiling and the rest of the unit is for my gardening supplies.

Closet.  Look in your closets and you can probably find some extra room either in the floor or on a top shelf.  Bathroom closets are also great for your toiletry stockpile.

Under the bed.  Buy some under the bed boxes and store your stockpile under your bed.  If you need more room, get some risers (like the ones college students use) and lift your bed a bit off the ground.

Plastic bins.  When all else fails, buy some plastic bins or boxes, fill them and store in random places around the house.  In tight places you can even throw a sheet or tablecloth over the box and use it as a nightstand or side table.  

Where do you store your stockpile?  I would love to hear any creative ideas you have.


Chris said...

when my MIL's office was remodeling, we got some of the old cabinets they were going to pitch. they are large wall-hanging units, much like kitchen cabinets. We hung them in the garage & this is where we keep our stockpile of dry goods & cereals. I also use the plastic storage tubs under the bathroom sinks, as we have no drawers in either bathroom (BAD design idea!). This is where I stockpile toiletries.

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