Friday, July 30, 2010

Food Friday: The Unmotivated Edition

I'm sorry to say but I do not have a new recipe to post this week.  I've been extremely unmotivated in the kitchen lately and need some new recipes to get me going again.  

For this reason, for Food Friday this week I'm simply going to share with you my favorite recipe site -  Many of you already know this site well, as it was formally known as Recipe Zaar.  They recently changed their name and it threw me for a loop a few weeks ago when I was looking for a new recipe.  It is still the same great site as before but with a few improvements.  

This is my favorite site because the reviews are usually great and the message boards have some great ideas.  And no, they did not pay me to say any of this.  I simply felt the need to share where I like to search.  

Now, I'm heading off to find me a new recipe to try for dinner tomorrow night.


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