Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday and Other Ramblings

I did not forget Food Friday this week, it just didn't happen. We had a house full of people until after dinnertime on Friday and then shortly after they left I came down with a migraine. I got another one about lunchtime today so it has been fun around here. Lucky me, I get migraines when I'm pregnant. Some people have them completely go away but I go from two a year to about one a week.

On to better things. Did anyone get out for Black Friday yesterday? I did and guess what I bought? - a new digital camera. You guys can now stop listening to me complain about my dying camera. I've taken several pictures with the new camera but due to the migraines, I haven't had time to download the software and figure out how to get the pics onto my computer. I hope to do that within the next few days though. My camera came from Walmart. My husband and his brother-in-law came with me to fight the madness. We arrived at 4:30 and the sale started at 5. We all found what we wanted but then it took an hour to check out. After that we hit a few more sales and then were home by mid-morning. I've been saving for a camera for ages and this was under budget so I'm excited.


Dave said...

I am thinking of getting a digital for my son as his gift. What kind did you get? I saw an add for one at walmart and it was around $150

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