Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One Minute To Move It

McDonald's is celebrating the release of Madagascar 2 by hosting One Minute To Move It. Beginning this Friday, visit to find great ways you and your family can "move it". The goal is to spend one minute moving it and hopefully this will lead to fun activities for your family.

Since my child loves Madagascar and gets excited everytime he sees the commercial, I plan on participating. He loves to groove to the music so I think our first one minute activity will be dancing. This promotion runs through Nov. 19 so we might try to find an activity a day. I'm sure at least one of those will be playing chase in our hallway. Our child loves to run up and down the hall and it is even more exciting when mom and dad participate.

How will you participate? If you post a link at The Mom Salon you might even win the entire set of McDonald's toys for Madagascar 2, along with a $20 Arch card.


sassy2 said...

I got in on that early too, have you heard anything as to if you got in the top 35?

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