Monday, May 4, 2009

Garage Sale Update

Despite awful weather, I hit my goal on my garage sale. The first day we had about 2 hours before it started raining. Once the rain hit, we stuffed everything in the garage but kept the sale open. Surprisingly, we had several die hard garage salers stop by. The rain stayed away most of Sat. but it turned cool and threatened rain the entire day. Even though the weather stunk, we still made $400! I'm sure it would have been higher had the weather been better but this was exactly my goal so I'm happy. The few items of decent value we still have will be posted on Craigslist today and the rest is being boxed up for Goodwill. My intention was to box it all up Saturday when we closed but lucky me came down with a migraine Saturday morning and I was too wiped by the afternoon to clean it all up.


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