Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Stay Away from the Stores

People often ask me for my top tips on how to Live on Less. I would have to say one of the top tips on how to save money is to stay away from the stores. Too often we run out to get one needed item and come home with a ton of junk that just happened to jump into our cart. My biggest weakness is Target so when my husband first had his hours reduced, this is one of the first things I cut. Sometimes I would head there just to get out of the house with my son. I went six months without stepping foot in a Target and I'm sure I saved hundreds by skipping that one store.

I also began limiting shopping to only necessities. I grocery shop on Monday and very rarely go to the store again throughout the week unless I am making something for a special occasion. I switched my grocery shopping to Dillons in order to take advantage of double coupons matched with sales. I quickly noticed that I was not only saving money on groceries, but I was saving a ton on non-essential items I picked up every time I did my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.

My tip this week is to find a few stores that are your downfall and have a fast from them.


Peggy said...

I dislike Walmart yet found myself easily spending $100 or more ($300 anyone??) every time I visited. I'd stop in for toilet paper because it was cheaper there than the grocery store and pick up $90 worth of impulse buys or things that would be handy but were not a necessity. I don't know how many things I still have from there that I have never used.

Some time back, however, I made it a point to stay away and I have stuck to that. I have been in once or twice since then but have only picked up what I went for (eg: cheap rubber boots for my son) and nothing else. I can only imagine the money I've saved. That and no longer using my credit cards, which is where I would put my Walmart purchases.

Very sound advice you're giving. It really is shocking and frightening how easy it is to spend money and not realize how much is passing through your fingers.

Angie said...

Can't go wrong with that plan. Not only that, it's also a time killer. We're better stewards of our time and money by doing so. Good words here.

Julie said...

Thanks for the great comments ladies.

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