Monday, February 15, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A Week in the Life of Our House

It is so easy for people to think that bloggers have an easy life and we have it all together.  Many bloggers only share the good things they do and never share those times where life doesn't go according to plan.  I've shared my struggles off and on so hopefully by now you realize I don't have it all together. Last week was a particularly crazy week so I thought I would show you a few of the highlights.  By the end, you will realize why it was pretty quiet around this blog last week.

* On Monday, the baby decided to only take 10 minute naps.  While he was fighting one nap, I took him to the basement so that his older brother could rest (he has a one hour rest time every afternoon).  When I came upstairs to attempt to put the baby down, I found my happy preschooler decorating the house in black sharpie!  He managed to color on 2 doors, a wall, the phone, brothers clothes that I had just taken out of the laundry, the exersaucer, several Thomas trains, furniture, and more.  There will be a post at a later time on how to remove permanent marker from just about every surface in the house.

* Behavior tended to be an issue most of the week but hit its worst on Thursday.  He was in trouble most of the day, including when he was at speech therapy.

* Also on Thursday, my husband was off work so he decided to leave the house to take an online test.  We both thought it would take an hour or two tops.  Five hours later he returned home!  The IT department of the school decided to down the server in the middle of his test.  He had to get a hold of IT and then they had to call his professor so the test could be reopened and not penalize him for quitting in the middle.

* Friday was date night at our church and we were excited. We didn't have much money to spend but both were looking forward to a break after a stressful week.  One hour before it started our oldest threw up over his entire room.  After we cleaned it up we called my parents and asked if they would take him for about an hour so we could at least get a quick bite to eat.  They agreed to it.  We finally get to dinner and just as we open the menus my husband gets paged in to work.

* Saturday I plan a nice meal to make up for the night before (by the way, my oldest was fine by morning).  It was my husbands weekend to work and be on call.  He wound up working 13 very busy hours.  We are thankful for the hours as we need the pay but we were both exhausted by the time he came home.  The dinner was never cooked either because it was getting too late.

*Apparently our youngest is going through a growth spurt as he has not slept the past two nights and wants to eat like crazy.  I probably wound up with 2-3 hours sleep total last night.

There were many other crazy things that happened last week but these were the ones that about drove me to the loony bin.  My hope this week is that I can get out of the house alone for an hour or two and refresh my soul after last week. Rest assured, there will also be some new, relevant posts on here this week too.


Anonymous said...

Wow. What a bad week. So sorry. I hope this week is better for you. And don't worry, you can celebrate V-day any day :)

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