Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Organization 101: Laundry

Last fall I started a series on organizing and shared many tips I have learned over the years.  I'm going to bring that series back as I need help keeping on track.  Sometimes this will come in the form of a quick tip and sometimes I will have more in depth articles.  Today is a quick laundry tip.

Last week on Facebook, I was commenting that I have problems finishing laundry.  I have no problem doing laundry, it is folding it and putting it away that is the issue.  A friend suggested never letting the laundry touch the laundry basket.  Once the dryer is done, fold and put away the laundry right then.

I have a very small laundry room and do not like folding laundry in there but I am putting this into practice.  I've done a ton of laundry today and I'm doing my best to fold and put it all away as I go.  It is freeing as I don't have huge piles of unfolded laundry hanging over my head and when the kids need clean clothes, I don't have to dig through a laundry basket to find some.

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