Monday, February 1, 2010

Living on Even Less

Just when you think life is starting to ease up a bit, God decides He isn't done using you yet. We are learning this lesson the hard way. My husband found out last week that his main job lost a steady client and his hours are being cut again. This change will take place sometime this month but we are not sure when exactly.

For those who are new here, let me give a quick synopsis of our story.

November 2007 - husband is working 2 part time jobs for his company to equal a full time job. One of the jobs is cut leaving him working on average 3 days a week.
August 2009 - after close to 2 years of living on a very limited income, a great part time job opportunity comes up.  Involves nights and weekends but we quickly adjust.
February 2010 - first job cuts down to an average of one day a week.  Looks like second job will become first job for the time being.

We are praising God for the part time job my husband took last August because it averages out to about what we were making with him working three days a week.  It varies somewhat though because he works in the medical field and the majority of his hours are on call.  If he doesn't get called in, we make very little. We know we can survive on the second job but it is not easy. We finally felt like we could enjoy life a little more and also work towards our financial goals but we are back to survival mode.

On the positive side, my husband is graduating from college in May.  We have paid for his classes out of pocket for two years now so that expense is now behind us as I paid his final semester a few weeks ago.  Also, he will have more time to study since he won't be working as much.  He is taking an overload this semester so the time will be nice.


Brittney said...

I hear you girl! My husband closed shop on his business to go back to school full time and works about 10 hrs/week as a school bus driver! Life is hard but really, really good. I keep thinking I am picking up habits and skills that will serve us forever. You can do it!

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

I am so sorry Julie, I know how that can be. Sending prayers your way.

Anonymous said...

So sorry you have fallen on hard times. I am encouraged and inspired by your faith and it looks like you are really good at adjusting your spending according to your means. That's a wonderful thing. Hope new opportunities come your way soon!

Rebekah Williams said...

Ouch. I am ready for this economy to take an upturn. It really stinks.

My husband's pay was cut this week, too. It hurts!

Julie said...

Sorry to hear that Rebekah - I know his industry as a whole is hurting right now.

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