Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blessings from Above

Thanks to getting very little sleep lately and my husband working 6 long days a week while training for his second job, I've been in a foul mood the past few weeks. I decided yesterday that I was going to change that. I started by getting out of the house. With my oldest being extremely energetic, this isn't an easy task. Luckily, a friend invited me over for a playdate and we all had a blast. The next thing I did was focus on the blessings I've experienced lately. Seeing God's hand in your life can really change your attitude quickly. Here are just a few of the blessings I've experienced this summer:

A healthy baby. I never thought I would have a preterm baby (born at 35 weeks, 5 days) as there was no indication of problems, but thankfully he was born healthy and the few issues we've had with weight gain seem to be resolving itself.

An outpouring of love from friends and family. When the baby came early, we were not prepared AT ALL. Our house was an absolute wreck, we had friends living in our basement, the baby's room was barely put together and not organized at all, our pantry was not stocked, and I only had two newborn outfits. Within two days my family and friends had rallied to clean our house, provide two weeks worth of meals, and shower us with clothes and diapers. I was slightly overwhelmed by it all because usually I'm the one giving, not receiving.

New friends. Ok, so they aren't really new to me, but our friendships have gone from general acquaintance to good friends over the summer.

A second job for my husband. We had been praying for well over a year for an answer to our financial situation and God is providing with this second job. I'm not a fan of the hours but it is nice to have some relief and my husband absolutely loves the job.

College funding. My husband has two semesters left of school before he graduates. We have paid for his schooling entirely out of pocket as we are not fans of debt. When he went to pay the bill this week for the fall semester, he learned he received financial aid for the first time. This was just under half of his fall tuition. I just stood there and thanked God for his blessings.

These are just a few of the blessings our family has experienced this summer. Take a moment to reflect on how you've been blessed recently. It really will lift your spirits. I know I'm in a much better mood today than I have been in a few weeks. How have you been blessed?


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