Monday, August 17, 2009

Eat from the Freezer Week

Most people have an eat from the pantry week every now and then - I tend to have an eat from the freezer week instead. I've learned you can freeze just about anything and my freezers are busting at the seams because of this. For my long time readers, you might remember that my in laws give us 1/4 of a cow every year for Christmas. Last year, I had problems finding room in my freezer for it. This year, I'm starting now on clearing the space. Therefore, this week is eat from the freezer week at my house. The grocery sales are pretty pathetic so I will only be picking up some fruit, milk, and a few sale items. This should help my budget out since I went over budget two weeks in a row due to great sales. I don't mind going slightly over every now and then because I know I can make up for it when there are slow sales weeks.

I'm also using this week to get back on track from shopping. The past two months, we've been horrible about running to Walmart or Target for an item or two and coming home will kinds of junk. I'm blaming it on having a baby a month early and not being ready but within a few weeks of him coming home, I was stocked up. I just let the habit crawl back into my life and now I need to get back on track. When my husband had his hours cut, one of the first things I did was cut Target out of my life. I used to take my youngest once a week just to get out of the house. Some weeks I could get out without spending anything but most weeks I came home with at least a bag of junk. In the first year we cut expenses, I think I only went to Target 3 times! Another positive thing (besides saving money) by not shopping, is less clutter in the house. So, last night was my last Target trip for awhile and I think I have everything now from my Walmart list so I'm staying away from there too.

Do you have a leak in your budget? I challenge you this week to see where you can tighten the reigns that may have loosened over time.


Pen+Ink said...

Oh no! Don't deny me my R10 cup of coffee! Its the only really unjustifiable expense I have, but as a working mom its my consolation.
What about waxing? Is that a leak or a neccessity?
Jokes aside I am really getting into the challenge of making my expenses match my salary. Once I do that I'll start chipping away at ye olde overdraft...

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