Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Back to School Clothes

The best way to save on back to school clothes is to not buy them (at least not now). I know, that sounds strange, but we never bought a whole new wardrobe for school when I was growing up. My mom would let us pick out one new reasonably priced outfit for the first day and that was it. Around here, it is still very warm when school starts and summer clothes are perfectly fine. Mom would then wait until the temperature actually cooled and then we would get what we needed. By that time, fall clothes were on clearance and we were able to pick up a lot more for the money. Our son starts preschool next week and I haven't bought him a single item of clothing for school yet. I picked up some clearance items at the end of the season last year so that he has a few things that fit when it starts cooling and I will get the rest as we need it.


Tracy said...

I love this post! So simple...and so logical.

Pen+Ink said...

This is brilliant.
I will keep it mind next January when our school year starts.
Although I must admit I would never even have considered a whole new wardrobe for school.
Strange customs you have in the first world... :)

Julie said...

I agree that it is a strange custom. I'm assuming some people do it because their children have outgrown their fall clothes. I have problems justifying the expense though when it is still very warm out and summer clothes are perfectly fine to wear.

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