Monday, August 3, 2009

Garden Bounty

These last few months I've watched with great pride as I started my veggie garden from seeds. I've never had seeds last before but I was determined to make it work this year. This weekend, I finally got to pick my first veggies from those seeds. I normally would have veggies a few weeks before now but the rain delayed my planting by almost a month this year.

Saturday night I went to check on my garden and was shocked to see the green beans had taken off. I picked a handful then and there are plenty pretty close to ready to pick. I've never tried to grow green beans before but they are about the easiest thing I've ever done so they will be back in the garden again next year.

I also was able to pick a banana pepper. There are several more close to being ready and I look forward to adding these to some yummy sandwiches this week. My bell pepper plants are growing like crazy and have tons of flowers but no peppers yet. I'm hoping to see a few soon though since the flowers look pretty healthy.

I have a ton of green tomatoes too and I'm praying the animals stay out of them this year. Last year, the squirrels ate all but two. This will sound crazy but tomatoes are a must in my garden every year and I don't even eat tomatoes. I don't like the texture of them but there is nothing better than the smell of a homegrown tomato fresh off the vine. I'm thinking of using the ones I don't give away to make some tomato sauce or to possibly can as I do use diced tomatoes in several recipes.

How is your garden doing? I would love to hear updates from those who planted this year too.


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