Friday, April 17, 2009

Hosting a Garage Sale: Part 2

For part one of this series, click here. This week the focus is on gathering supplies in order to set up the actual sale. I'm sure you have not had enough time yet to clean out your house for a sale, but hopefully you have a good start. Here are the basic supplies you will need for a sale:

Tables: If you do not have tables, get creative or ask to borrow from friends. I find I always need more tables than I think I will. A great way to make a table is to put a piece of plywood on top of two saw horses.

Prices stickers & markers: Feel free to buy the pre-priced stickers in order to save you time when pricing. Years ago, my parents cleaned out their office (they own their own business) and came across boxes of random sized labels. I took the stash they did not want and use these for my price stickers. For the larger labels, I cut them into smaller sizes. I usually create several pages of labels in the popular price categories (25, 50, 75 cent, $1, etc) so that it is quick and easy to price items as I come across them.

Signs: Cardboard boxes make great signs. I usually break down a box or two in order to have enough signs. Posterboard is good too. Plant stakes work great for areas you cannot staple a sign too. Please do not wait until the day of the sale to begin thinking about signs, you will be plenty busy with everything else by then.

Special Signs: This is more than a directional sign. I always put up a few signs saying "Not Responsible for Accidents". Signs will also be needed for some furniture or if larger items are available inside. During our last sale, it rained off and on all weekend so we had to leave the furniture inside. We posted signs all around the garage so people would know we had the furniture. These special signs can easily be created on a computer and saved for use at future garage sales.

Cash box & change: If you do not have a cash box (I found mine on clearance at Walgreens for less than $5), a shoe box will work too. Begin now collecting ones and quarters as these are the most needed for change.

Stay tuned for the remainder of this series as I discuss setting up the actual sale and marketing the sale in order to gain the most customers possible.


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