Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: YouTube for Kids

One rainy day while trying to entertain my child, I decided to check out You Tube. Much to my amazement, there are hundreds of kids videos on there. Some are snippets of actual shows, some are home videos people have made of their favorite shows. You do have to be careful as there are some not so clean home versions though. At least once a week, I sit down with my child and we watch videos for awhile. I usually ask him to pick a topic (his current favorites are Cars, Roary the Racing Car, and Mickey Mouse) and then we try to find videos to go along with it. I set up the laptop on the dining room table and for the longer videos, I work on cleaning the kitchen while he watches. I'm nearby so I can make sure he doesn't destroy the computer. Sometimes, I use this time to cut and organize my coupons as I can sit right next to him while doing this.


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