Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Potty Training

I've always heard that if you wait long enough to potty train, it will be easy and some kids will train themselves. I think we may be entering that stage. For about a year now, our son has loved to sit on the potty but he never does anything on it (half the time he is fully clothed). A month or so ago he was interested for about two weeks and actually peed on the potty a few times. Just when we thought it might be time to take this seriously, he lost interest. Towards the end of last week he decided to give it a go again. We made huge progress when he asked me Sunday night at church to use the potty. This was our first public experience so that was exciting. Today was our best day so far and I didn't even really try. I let him wear a pull-up this morning and he went three times on the potty. Two of those times I didn't even ask, he simply took off his pull-up, opened the bathroom door and hopped on the potty all by himself. I sure hope this is the beginning of good things to come. I let his babysitter know so she is going to work with him the two days a week he is there. I'm sure we have some challenging days ahead, but I'm hoping we can say goodbye to daytime diapers soon. He still overflows a diaper at night so I don't expect overnight potty training to happen for awhile. Anyone have any potty training tips you would like to share?


jenn said...

I have no tips. I just did it when they showed interest. I could have used some tips with my middle chilsm though. She was over 4 before she was fully out of diapers. My youngest, though, was potty trained before she was 2. She did it on her own. She saw her sister do it, and wanted to be like he. I guess a little motivation works wonders.

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