Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Waste Less Wednesday: Coffee Filters

Photo from Brenda Hyde

Coffee filters have many more uses than just to make coffee. They are super cheap too. Today we are going to focus on ways to use them for crafts. Down the road, we will look into household uses for them.

The picture at the top is made simply using water colors. My two year old even did this craft at church so it is great for the younger crowd too.

Once you paint your coffee filter, it is easy to turn it into a butterfly, flower, or holiday decorations. To find several great coffee filter crafts, click here.

If you have used a coffee filter for a craft, please let my readers know. I enjoy finding great crafts for my child and this is an easy one.


Signs of Life said...

Awesome! Yes, I've used coffee filters for crafts, I have a friend whos son was diagnosed with cancer, she was basically living at the hospital. I took coffee filters, soaked them in different colors of food coloring (kid safe), let them dry, folded them and cut them like you would snowflakes. I opened them back up and wrote "strong mommy" type quotes around the edges with pretty markers. Then you punch a hole in the middle of the filters, and feed them onto a bamboo skewer. Use floral tape to secure, then shape like flower petals. I put them in a vase and took them to her. They were beautiful, didn't need watering and she could read the quotes when she was feeling down :) AND it was FREE.


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