Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Waste Less Wednesday: Shampoo

I have several bottles of shampoo that I tried but did not like. I have a hard time throwing these away since there is still good product left in them. I've heard several times that it makes a great soap scum remover so I gave it a try a few months ago. You know what? - it works! Put a little shampoo on a washcloth and rub over the soap scum. The area I first tried was thick with soap scum and I could quickly tell it took a layer or two off. Every so often, I work on getting a few more layers off. My shower is starting to look better than ever. I could probably get it all cleaned up at once if I had the patience but I get bored easily.

I've also used leftover, gentle shampoo in place of dog shampoo. We ran out of dog shampoo one time and I turned to some yummy smelling stuff I had in the cabinet. My dog never smelled better. I don't recommend using it often as dog shampoo has special chemicals to keep your dog's skin and fur soft, but it works great in a pinch.

Feel free to share your ideas on to use leftover shampoo.


helpmypoorcredit said...

Great tips, I would never thought Shampoo to remove soap scum. :)

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