Monday, October 13, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

It seems like every electronic item in our house is falling apart lately. With my husband not working full time we cannot afford to replace them all at once. Here is my plan of attack on how to replace these items:

Laptop: This seems to be dying rather rapidly and it doesn't help that my toddler keeps pulling the keys off. We had someone look at it last week to take care of a few issues and it seems to be working better. It still randomly shuts off but a few other issues are taken care of so this will have to work for now. We are hoping it can at least limp by for a few more months.

Digital Camera: You have heard my complaints about my camera before so you know I am hoping to get another one for Christmas. If I do not get another one, my plan is to use my swagbucks points to get several Best Buy gift cards. I'm getting close to having enough for my first one. Digital cameras are becoming more and more affordable so hopefully I can make up any minor difference from our budget. If you would like to sign up for the swagbucks search engine and begin earning your own rewards, click on the button to the right of this post.

Television: The TV in our basement flat lined last week. Literally. My son was watching it and all of sudden, there was a line straight across the middle of the screen. You could still hear the show, but there was no picture. I can now turn on the TV and get a picture for awhile, but it still flat lines everytime. We are searching Craigslist for a decent replacement because a new one is definitely out of our budget right now.

How do you handle unexpected expenses? We could probably take money from our emergency fund but none of these seem an emergency at the moment.


Christie (Snappymom) said...

Due to unforeseen financial difficulties, we are scheduled to be in a state of emergency for the entire month of October. It suuuuucks. I just have to cut where I can, which just makes everyone feel crabby. I am cutting down my grocery bill but cutting out unnecessary stuff, like soda and junk food. Buying only the bare minimum and making from scratch what I can when it's cheaper. I so wish you lived right across the street. I have a TV I would just have DH carry right over to you.

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