Monday, September 22, 2008

Childcare Co-op

I joined a childcare co-op a few weeks ago and today was my first day to play. This co-op is held at a nearby church and it costs nothing as long as you work at it every other time. My first working experience was two weeks ago (we only meet every other week) and although it was exhausting, it was a great way to meet other moms. I really looked forward to today though because I knew I had three solid hours to myself. I spent the time doing my CVS, Walgreens and Dillons runs. To make it even more enjoyable, I used my SwagBucks Starbucks gift card and enjoyed a delicious caramel machiatto while grocery shopping. I never splurge on nice coffee and I certainly don't have one with a child in the grocery cart so this was a wonderful treat.

Once I was done shopping, I put everything away and enjoyed a few minutes to myself in my house. It was so quiet and weird but I liked it. The best part of the whole morning - no guilt. When I need a break or want a date night, my parents are our babysitter. I love having them help, but I always feel guilty about getting a break and rush through things so they can have some free time too. I had no guilt whatsoever today though because I knew I had already worked my shift for this month. It was wonderful to have me time without guilt.

If there are no co-ops in your area, start one with a friend. This group is made of only six moms so it doesn't have to be a large group. Try trading Friday nights with friends so you each can have a date night. Trust me, you will be a much better mom for getting that small break.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea!!

mom_of2boys said...

I found your blog from Frugal Hacks. This sounds like a great idea. I have heard of other talking about a co-op in the area. I think now I will be on the hunt.

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