Saturday, September 6, 2008


I love to read, but it has taken a backseat since having a child (unless you count kids books). I cleaned out a couple of rooms in my house on Thursday and came across several books that I want to read. These are random books that have been given to me over the past few years - some parenting, some fiction, some non-fiction. I decided to put them in a pretty basket and work my way through them instead of letting them collect dust in my house. I've always used my child as an excuse but it is really me. Yes, I have limited free time, but I know I waste a good chunk of it each day. I can get lost on the internet everyday for hours and not even realize the time has gone by. Instead, I plan on taking 30 minutes each day (nap time or after bedtime) to read. I've already begun and I'm really enjoying my unplugged time (no TV or computer). Sometimes it is the simple things in life that we forget about and need to get back to. Has anyone read any great books lately I should add to my list?


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