Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Secret Weapon

I've found a secret weapon - peanut butter crackers. It used to frustrate me when we would be at a play date and my child would fall asleep on the way home, only to wake up a little while later starving because he had slept through lunch. He would then be cranky because he had not taken a long enough nap. I recently discovered peanut butter crackers are easy to carry around in his diaper bag for occasions like this. Today, I gave him a few on the way home from co-op and when he fell asleep just minutes from home, he had a full belly. They are portable and easy to eat in the car. I'm sure he will catch on to this at some point in time, but for now, I'm enjoying longer nap times and a happier child when he does wake up. Who knows, I might get adventurous and try cheese and crackers next time.


Thrifty and chic mom said...

I keep some in my kid survival box in the car. This Saturday I am telling all about my kid survival box, come check it out!

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