Monday, September 29, 2008

Project Clean Out Freezer

So, I'm driving home from the grocery store last week thinking about the great frozen purchases I made (Healthy Choice dinners for under a dollar!) when it suddenly hits me, I have a very full freezer and it is almost the holidays. My wonderful in laws give us 1/4 of beef every year for Christmas. It takes up 1 1/2 shelves of my freezer. Every other year, we celebrate Christmas on Thanksgiving due to MIL having to work one of those holidays each year and this year is one of those. So, I have just under two months to find room in my freezer for this wonderful meat. To make matters worse, I usually start baking bread and cookies in late Oct. for the holidays. I was already wondering where I was going to put it when I remembered I needed room for the meat. My challenge to myself is to not buy any frozen food unless it is the cheapest I have ever seen it until after the holidays. I told my husband we will be working our way through the freezer starting this week. Anyone have any great recipes for ground beef, pork tenderloin, pork cube steak, and beef roasts (besides an actual roast - neither of us will eat it the traditional way)? I can easily use the frozen veggies as I go through those like crazy. I think I have a few dinners I made ahead in there so I will use those up soon and that will give some room too. I'm sure you will hear posts over the next few months on Project Clean Out Freezer. And yes, I'm serious about those recipes - feel free to leave me a link to your favorite recipes.

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